Victor Vergara

Formerly known as 'Awesome' in the Demoscene, and founder of Awezoom Studios.

Finally an official compilation of my music

I'm a lazy person when it's about my stuff.

I have started my own Awezoom Studios website like 5 times since I lost my former url some years ago. Since then, I've thought many times about making just a simple space where people could get and listen to my whole music at once.

So finally, here it is.

A bit of story about me

I was born in Valencia, Spain in 1978. My family has always been really poor, but during a couple of years, my parents got some extra money and they were able to get me a computer.
For many years I enjoyed learning everything related to computer creation, as image generation, drawing, animation, video edition and fx, music or whatever you could do with just a computer. When trackers appearead it was a shock to me, since a new world opened in front of my eyes. Even with no money to get a Midi Keyboard I was able to express myself through music with just my PC Keyboard and a Sound Blaster.

Me and some friends at Euskal Party 5I learned the basics of tracking with Mod Editor 1.0, 669 Composer and Scream Tracker 3, but Fast Tracker 2 was revolutionary to me. I spent hundreds, thousands of hours learning, composing, arranging and creating music with Triton's free software.

In 1995-98 I had all the free time in the world, and I spent it tracking. I created dozens of songs, including some of my favorite songs up to date. As a self-learner, I focused on composing all sorts of music, but always with my touch on it, and also the styles of music I like. During those years, with my discovery of Internet at University, I started to spread my music everywhere. They were my 'golden years' as a tracker.

During those years I entered all music competitions I could, being quite successful in most of them. I won several 1st and 2nd prices in the Euskal Parties between 1998-2001, and even ranked #2nd at Music Contest 6, which was a Worldwide music contest amongst trackers, with my song "News-o-tronik".

I made the graphics for Skale TrackerThen, my career as a professional graphic designer started. My music passion became less important to me. In fact I felt quite well about it since during those years I received letters from fans all around the world saying all sorts of great things about my work, so, in some way, I just thought I had achieved what I wanted with my music: My music had been listened by lots of people, and most of them liked it so much. I felt really happy and satisfied about that, so I focused on my next step: My career as a designer.

I left tracking in one corner for years until Reason appeared. To me it was a discovery similar to Fast Tracker 2. It gave me back the passion I had lost time ago and started to compose again. In the beginning I started to remix some of my best songs to make them sound professional, but then I got some new songs that you can find here.

Unfortunately I'm not a kid anymore, so I can't put so much time into music anymore, that's made most of my Reason songs remain unfinished (despite many of them require are quite advanced), but anyways I'm putting here many of them for you to enjoy it. Maybe if this web gets popular enough I feel encouraged to finish all those songs for you all


Alex, my sonRight now I'm a happy husband and also a dad of one wonderful kid named Alex. I married Aurora, my girlfriend since we were 16, and the star of all my love ballads. I'm working as a freelance web builder with my own company, Awezoom Studios, and I'm also always putting my head into the gaming industry as often as I can. I play the piano from time to time, and I try to compose when I have the time, since these last three years with the baby left me no time to work on my music at all.

On the personal side, I love movies, music, videogames and comics. Yes, the whole pack. I have a huge collection of Blu-Rays, games, comics and also own a great merchandising collection, including many Sideshow collectibles statues and miniatures.

And I think that's all you may wanna know about me. If you arrived here by looking for Awesome's music it's quite probable you were a bit curious about this info. Else, sorry to bore you. :D

Now go get all the music, that's what you came here for, right?


All my mp3 released music in just one place: