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Top 12 BEST SHREDDING VIDEOS in Youtube | Top Most Satisfying Shredding Moments

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I just wanted to share with you my top list of Top BEST SHREDDING VIDEOS in Youtube. They are great to relax, and can work as ASMR videos as well. I love the sounds of it, and here you have my selection of best Shredder Videos in history.

Best Shredding videos in youtube12 Best Shredding Videos EVER

Here you will find a selection made by me, after watching hundreds of shredding machine videos. In a future post I will talk about my favorite Destruction Channels and also about my favorite list of Hydraulic Press Videos, which is also a fascinating subject. Now, please, enjoy this fine selection I made picked by hand. If you know of any other impressive shredding machine video, please, let me know so we can make this list the best list of Shredding Moments in the Internet. Who would have said 15 years before that people would enjoy watching videos of just a machine shredding bottles of soda, or blocks of ice, or even an octopus? Nobody would have believed it.

This comes from the channel Gojzer, who has some of the best shredder videos in youtube. I love the soda moments!

This comes from the channel #TheCrazyChannel and they have, in my opinion, the top shredder video and audio production videos. They also have other nice experiments like The Tornado, The Machine of Madness or the Judge Sledgehammer. Don’t miss them!


Again from the channel #gojzer where they compile a lot of satisfying moments in shredding.

If you like orbeez balls you will love this video where they throw several orbeez balloons to the shredder machine.

More food to shred? This is a nice video with cool ideas to shred!

Shredding big jelly blocks is great and this video has the best clips for that! Enjoy it!

If you ever had a Nintendo DS in your pocket you will cry tears when you see this funny compilation!

Can money be shredded? Watch this video to check it out! 😀

Yes, the channel #presstube also did a great entry in this list by shredding REAL LAVA! Impressive to watch!

This is the funniest Halloween shredding episode I’ve seen so far, so enjoy it and watch out for your candies!

Wouldn’t you expect someone to do this video at some point? What will happen with a big octopus like this? Check it out!

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